What we do?

Friends hugging

We organise a variety of activities and events throughout the year to support families affected by Sickle cell, raise funds and awareness.

“Cianna’s Smile is dedicated to making a positive change in the UK to raising awareness of Sickle Cell in the UK and supporting families affected by the condition”.

Activities we organize include the following:

  • Sickle cell action group – Bimonthly days out for families who are members of our Sickle Cell action group. This enables families affected by Sickle Cell conditions who are living in the Thames Valley to become members and attend these days out free of charge. We also offer support and advice as and when requested. This may include referral to another organisation or a local healthcare team. We do not offer any medical or financial advice.
  • Fundraising –we hold several events throughout the year to help raise monies to fund our projects including our Annual Awareness Ball and family fun day.
  • Awareness campaigns – Awareness is key to fulfilling our mission to make more people aware of Sickle Cell conditions. Our awareness campaigns include public talks, social media coverage, community events and other interactions within our community.